Visual Art (Painting)

Class Offered: Visual Art (Painting)
Class Days: Thursday (Kids), Friday (Adults)
Class Time: 6 to 7(kids), 6 to 7:30 (Adults)
Fees: Rs 800 (kids), adults (project based)
Venue: R 504, Mayflower
Contact : 9844129310
Information: Acrylics, water colours, mix media

Doodle Class

Teacher’s Name: Pranoti
Class Offered: Doodle Art
Class Days: Mon to Thursday
Class Time: 4:30 and 5:30
Fees: 850 for twice a week
Venue: T-5 jasmine W 803
Contact : 8105981632

Art Classes

Teachers Name: Jaya Preetham
Class Offered: Art
Class Days: Monday-Friday (once a week)
Class Time: 4.30-6
Fees: 500 per month
Venue: Tower 3,  D1102
Contact : +91-9740512120